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Military dc-dc converters boost functionality in power-dense, half-brick package

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Electronics Power Supply / Management MCOT military power

SYNQOR MCOTS-C-270-40-HE & MCOTS-C-270-60-HE compact, high-efficiency, high-power, half-brick dc-dc converters are based on firm’s next-generation, isolated, fixed-frequency synchronous rectifier technology. The enhanced power density of the modules allows for more efficient layout optimization where space is a critical consideration. The MIL-STD-704-compliant converters are capable of down-converting 155-425Vdc input voltage to an adjustable output between 10-40Vdc for the MCOTS-C-270-40-HE or 24-60Vdc for the MCOTS-C-270-60-HE. Devices provide an adjustable current limit feature that allows them to power near infinite capacitive loads or a battery. When the load current demand is above the set current limit, the unit behaves as a constant current source, delivering constant current independent from the output voltage.

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