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MEMS dc calibration reference accelerometers are high-precision

Stephen Law   

Automation / Robotics Electronics accelerometers

SILICON DESIGNS Model 2290 Series of high-precision, single axis MEMS dc calibration reference accelerometers come in four full-scale acceleration ranges, of ±5 g, ±10 g, ±25 g, and ±50 g. Product series delivers a precise, reliable and accurate means of determining the sensitivity and frequency response characteristics of unknown MEMS dc accelerometers during end-to-end calibrations and related performance verifications. Device serves as the ‘Reference Standard,’ either for performance specification comparisons, or as an actual substitute for the working accelerometer. Beyond such verifications, product also supports a variety of zero-to-medium frequency instrumentation applications ranging from 2000Hz to dc, including both center of gravity acceleration measurements and equipment calibrations.

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