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MEMS capacitive accelerometers lower-voltage, enhance low-noise performance

October 31, 2020  Stephen Law

SILICON DESIGNS Model 2422 Series MEMS capacitive accelerometer chips provides low-noise, low-voltage (5Vdc) and low-cost acceleration and vibration sensing within zero-to-medium frequency instrumentation applications. Devices are available in eight standard ranges, from ±2 g to ±400 g, and also come with choice of either a ±4V differential or 0.5V to 4.5V single ended output. Series modules can reliably measure and respond to both dc and ac acceleration (0Hz to more than 3000Hz). Device’s robust design seamlessly combines both a micro-machined capacitive sense element together with a custom integrated circuit. Series internals are packaged within a lightweight, epoxy sealed, and rugged anodized aluminum case, further terminating in a 3-foot integral shielded cable. Units are relatively insensitive to temperature changes and gradients over a range of -55°C to +125°C. 

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