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Low-capacitance InGaAs PIN photodiodes are enhanced

Stephen Law   

Electronics Optoelectronics InGaAs opto optoelectronics photodiodes pin

EXCELITAS TECHNOLOGIES C30619GH-LC, C30641GH-LC, C30642GH-LC, C30665GH-LC low-capacitance InGaAs PIN Photodiodes for commercial and military LiDAR, laser range finding, laser warning and laser spot tracking applications. Devices provide high quantum efficiency from 800nm to 1700nm, while delivering a special ultra-low capacitance of only half of the standard type capacitance, therefore exhibiting twice the 3dB bandwidth, high responsivity, high shunt resistance and low dark current. Products’ low capacitance enables extended bandwidth, while maintaining the legacy high shunt resistance, low dark currents and high sensitivity, better than 1% non-linearity, and uniformity within 2% across the detector active area.

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