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Inverting regulator is EN55022 Class B compliant

ANALOG DEVICES LTM4651 nonisolated inverting output µModule regulator generates ñ26.5V to ñ0.5V output from a positive input supply voltage. Device operates over a 3.6V to 58V input voltage range and is housed in a 15mm x 9mm x 5.01mm BGA package. The compact solution provides ñ5VOUT, ñ12VOUT, ñ15VOUT and ñ24VOUT from industrial standard 5VIN, 12VIN or 24VIN supplies. Product meets the EN55022 Class B EMC standard for Information Technology Equipment. Device includes a dc-dc inverting regulator, inductor, MOSFETs and compensation circuitry. The standalone inverting regulator solution does not require any external circuitry.

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