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High performance thermal interface materials boost conductivity

September 11, 2015  Stephen Law

AAVID THERMALLOY SuperThermal, SoftFlex, and WaveBlocker lines of premium thermal interface materials provide high thermal conductivity without sacrificing compliancy or workability. The lines of thermal gap fillers increase the performance and capabilities of electronics’ design. Each is specially formulated to support specific application requirements that, when combined with their high thermal conductivities, will significantly improve functionality.Aavid SuperThermal provides high thermal conductivity of up to 13.2 watts per meter Kelvin; Aavid SoftFlex is composed of 5 materials varying in elasticity, conductivity, cushioning ability and compliancy; Aavid WaveBlocker gap filler provides high electromagnetic permeability that dampens electromagnetic interference (EMI). http://Aavid.com

Most thermally conductive gap filling interface materials available today! Aavid releases three new lines of premium thermal interface materials with high performance application based features. (PRNewsFoto/Aavid Thermalloy)

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