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High peak load power supply serves medical laser applications

February 6, 2020  Stephen Law

POWERBOX SMM3000A80024C series power supply delivers 2.25kW repetitive peak power to medical lasers with high efficiency. Device complies with medical safety standards and for silent operation it includes a thermo-controlled cooling system. Product provides a level of protection, primary to secondary main output of 2xMOOP, and 2xMOPP to auxiliary output. To accommodate different capacitor banks and applications, the output voltage can be adjusted from zero to 800Vdc (600Vdc nominal) with an output current of 5.5A at nominal. An automatic current controller guarantees that the power envelope is always within safe limits, reducing capacitor aging and overstressing of components, thus contributing to a longer lifetime. Unit has a built-in microprocessor constantly monitoring the charging status, reporting end of charge and discharge level, as well as all protection warnings due to abnormal operation such as over-temperature, over-voltage and current. 

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