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Halogen-free liquid flux improves solderability

Stephen Law   

Electronics Production / Materials flux materials production

SHENMAO Halogen-free SM-862 Liquid Flux can replace the widely sold halogenated SM-816. Product features low solid content and smooth flux residue, making it suitable for automatic wave soldering and manual dipping processes. Product is a rosin-containing flux designed to leave less residue and minimum bridges. The halogen-free ROL0 (J-STD-004B), tack-free, no-clean flux is designed for use in a variety of automated and selective soldering applications. It shows good hole-fill ability and minimum bridges when soldering boards with high density components. Product is suitable for wave soldering, selective soldering and dipping. Applicable products include mother boards, power boards, server boards, dipping components and more. The flux delivers improved solderability and flux residue after soldering with high voltage endurance.

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