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Gap filler materials cool automotive electronics

SHIN ETSU SDP Gap Filler series materials are suitable for cooling automotive electronics, power converters, LED lighting modules, communications modules and other electronics. In addition to sensors, notable automotive market applications include hybrids, ECUs (engine control units) and can be used for heat dissipation of electric batteries. Each product comes as separate A and B components that must be mixed together in a 1:1 ratio to initiate the curing reaction. The thermal interface materials cure at room temperature when the two components are mixed. The cure time can be reduced with the addition of heat. Before curing, the material has a grease-like consistency that easily fills voids in any shape between heat sources and heat sinks. By displacing the air from these nooks-and-crannies, a lower thermal resistance is achieved. Notably, the Gap Filler material can be applied only where you need it, thereby minimizing waste. Product ranges in thermal conductivity from 1.0-9.5 W/mK.

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