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Embedded microcontroller board serves pro maker, industrial users

August 5, 2020  Stephen Law

MOUSER ELECTRONICS Arduino Portenta H7 first high-performance, industry-rated board from the Arduino Pro platform is based on a dual-core STMicroelectronics STM32H747 microcontroller that enables the board to simultaneously run high-level code along with real-time tasks. The STM32H747 processor’s 480MHz Arm Cortex-M7 core and 240MHz Arm Cortex-M4 core communicate via a Remote Procedure Call mechanism that allows each processor to call functions on the other processor seamlessly. Both processors share all the in-chip peripherals and can run Arduino sketches on top of the Arm Mbed operating system, native Mbed applications, MicroPython and JavaScript (via an interpreter), and TensorFlow Lite. 

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