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Direct RF system-on-module powered by Intel Agilex FPGA

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MERCURY SYSTEMS DRF2580 Direct RF system-on-module (SOM) uses Intel Agilex FPGAs to detect and process adversary emissions from a wide portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The playing card-sized SOM brings new capability to firm’s processing platform, providing the ability to design aerospace and defense systems that digitize a large swath of the RF spectrum at the edge, enhancing security and accelerating decision-making in the field. The four-channel SOM is based on the Intel Agilex 9 SoC FPGA AGRW014 that converts between analog and digital signals at 64 Gigasamples per second. It is available in standard form factors and supported by a best-in-class carrier design kit that allows users to focus on application-specific carrier development, with much of the most challenging aspects of embedded circuit design already solved by the SOM.

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