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Digital oscilloscope boosts performance capability

RIGOL TECHNOLOGIES 7000 Series digital oscilloscope boosts performance capability with 10GSa/sec sample rate and up to 500M record length. Unit can deliver 20X oversampling on a 500MHz signal providing unmatched signal resolution, while still capturing a full 50ms; significantly longer than available in competitive products. The core of the product is firm’s UltraVision II architecture and its Phoenix chip-set. Two custom ASICs provide analog front-end and signal processing performance. These chips are surrounded by a high performance hardware design including Xilinx Zync-7000 SoC, Dual Core Arm-9 Processors, Linux +Qt Operating System, High Speed DDR System Memory and QDRII Display memory. This architecture enables a high waveform capture rate of 600,000wfms/sec, color graded intensity display, and outstanding time-base accuracy and jitter performance.

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