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Connectors come in many termination styles, deliver design flexibility

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MILL-MAX Maxnetic connectors are available in a variety of termination styles, providing design flexibility. Devices are suitable for applications requiring connections to be made quickly and easily such as charging systems for communications equipment; cables, devices and wearables used in the medical industry; safety and robotic equipment found in industrial environments and any setting where repeated mating and unmating of cables and devices must be done effortlessly. Products also have the ability to break away for emergency release without damage to the components or the equipment they are connected to. Magnetic connectors feature self-alignment, self-location, and zero force mating. Units incorporate spring-loaded and mating target pins which establish the electrical connection as the magnetic force pulls and holds the connectors together, no aligning or plugging is required to mate the connectors and no hardware is needed to keep them mated.

Style options include 879-22-00X-00-011101 (solder cup termination, shrouded); 879-22-00X-10-011101 (through-hole solder tail termination, shrouded); 879-22-00X-30-011101 (SMT termination, shrouded); 878-22-00X-00-011101 (solder cup termination, no shroud).

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