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Connected supercapacitor modules deliver high capacitance, low ESR

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Electronics Power Supply / Management electrochemical kyocera Modules series-connected supercapacitor

KYOCERA AVX SCM Series double-layer, series-connected electrochemical supercapacitor modules can be used by themselves or in conjunction with primary or secondary batteries to extend battery life and backup time or provide instantaneous power pulses in hold-up, energy harvesting, and pulse power applications in the industrial, energy, telecommunications, automotive, transportation, and medical industries. Product series exhibits high capacitance, low ESR, high efficiency, high power density and improved pulse power handling characteristics. Device also supports active cell balancing and ruggedly withstands high current, high vibration, and frequent charge and discharge cycles. Modules are rated for operating temperatures extending from -40°C to +65°C and lifetimes that extend to millions of cycles. Devices are lead-free compatible, RoHS compliant, and compliant with the UL 810A standard for electrochemical capacitors.

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