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Bi-directional SSPA supports CW/FM & QAM signals

November 30, 2020  Stephen Law

TRIAD RF SYSTEMS Model TTRM2005D dual, bi-directional amplifier supports 2X2 MIMO radio applications. Device is a solid-state-power amplifier (SSPA) that operates at a frequency of 2,200-2,500MHz. It is designed for military and commercial use and supports a variety of signal types, from simple CW/FM signals to complex, highly modulated carriers such as 64 and 256QAM. The technical features for each channel on this dual bi-directional amplifier includes a transmit signal gain of 25dB, a receive signal gain of 12dB, a receive signal noise figure of 2.5dB, and ~20W BPSK power x2 (40W of total RF power). Supply voltage is an ultra-wide 12–30Vdc. Device uses the latest LDMOS transistor technology. 

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