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3D-Circuits carrier enables vertical placement of components

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Electronics Interconnect 3D-Circuits Carrier connector Harting Interconnect

HARTING 3D-MID component carrier is firm’s in-house development which serves as a connecting element between a printed circuit board (pcb) and electronic components (such as LEDs, ICs, photo–diodes or sensors). Product takes the fullest advantage of the benefits of 3D-MID technology. A precise injection-moulded component ensures that electronic components can be inserted at exactly 90° to a pcb. The flexibility of the laser direct structuring process enables the creation of customised layouts. Sensors and ICs are precisely and fully automatically mounted on the component carrier in the desired configuration. The component carrier with position sensors is supplied by HARTING as a sub-assembly in tape and reel technology for automatic SMD placement. In many applications, this substrate replaces manual processing steps, which increases reproducibility and significantly reduces overall costs.

Product features include:

-Eliminates the need for manual assembly
-Improves accuracy and repeatability
-Compatible with multiple soldering processes
-Versatile and variable

Product has been used in a variety of automotive and medical applications.

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