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Anti-vandal switch delivers time saving termination

July 10, 2020  Stephen Law

E-SWITCH ULV Series anti-vandal switch line provides several termination options – solder lug, direct wired, wired molded boot and detachable wired socket. ULV4, ULV7 and ULV8 solder lug option can be wired in-house; the direct wire option provides 300mm color coded wire leads; the low pressure molded boot with 500 mm long wire leads attached provides extra protection to wire cables and solder joints along with shrink tube to offer additional protection to wire leads protruding from the base of the boot; lastly, the detachable socket provides a quick connect option between the switch and power source. The switch and detachable socket are keyed for a secure fit. The detachable socket comes prewired with 500mm long leads. Wire leads are compatible with standard connectors. The termination options provide convenience; eliminates in-house labor or second sourcing to add wire leads before installation; reducing lead-time and overall cost. 

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