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Ac sources boost power density, touch screen simplicity

Asterion line of ac-dc power sources includes three new units, including model 1503 that supplies up to 1,500VA or 1,500 W; Model 2253 supplies up to 2,250 VA or 2,250 W; and Model 3003 supplies up to 3,000 VA or 3,000 W. All units come in a 2U enclosure and in both single and three phase models, providing a combination of intelligence, performance and modularity. Units utilize firm’s iX2 current-doubling technology, as the output voltage decreases from the maximum value to one-half the maximum value, the available output current increases up to two times the rated output current.  iX2 technology eliminates the need to buy multiple sources or overpowered sources to run tests at different voltage levels, such as when performing low line voltage testing.

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