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800G AOCs, transceivers incorporate ‘direct optical wiring’ technology

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LESSENGERS 800G transceiver product (800G OSFP SR8) incorporates direct optical wiring (DOW) technology – a polymer-based air-cladded waveguide technology that is suitable for optical interconnects in the data center and high-performance computing environments.  DOW connects the active photonic devices such as laser diodes or photodiodes directly to the optical fiber, providing high-density and high-speed optical signal connectivity between switches, servers, and other devices within the data center or HPC clusters.  This capability enables several operational efficiencies and economic benefits, such as: No active alignment – cost-competitive optical coupling;  No use of multi-channel lens assembly – near-zero optical crosstalk;  No air gap – dramatically lower reflection noise; High degree of freedom in heat sink design – much lower junction temperature. These attributes make the 800G OSFP SR8 and other products for high-speed active optical cables and transceivers high-performance, highly reliable and cost compelling.

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