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8-Channel RF signal recorder extends recording capability

April 29, 2021  Stephen Law

PENTEK Talon Model RTR 2628 8-channel, phase coherent, 4U 19-inch rackmount recorder with integrated RF tuners and A/D converters is a rugged rackmount system designed to operate under conditions of vibration and extended operating temperatures. Product accepts signals from eight antennas to provide eight channels of phase-coherent RF signal recording. Each channel is tunable up to 6GHz and captures up to 80MHz of instantaneous bandwidth. Each input channel includes a 250MHz 16-bit A/D and an FPGA-based digital downconverter with programmable decimations from 2 to 65536 for instantaneous bandwidths from 80MHz down to 3kHz. RF signals up to 6GHz in frequency can be tuned, sampled, digitally-downconverted and streamed to disk in real-time at sustained aggregate recording rates up to 3.2 GB/sec.

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