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60A 1/16th brick dc-dc buck converter delivers adjustable current limit

Stephen Law   

Power Supply / Management brick converter dc-dc buck

TDK-LAMDA i7A series of non-isolated buck dc-dc converters comes with the industry-standard 1/16th brick pinout. The 60A output models have a 400W maximum rating, offering 0.8 – 8V adjustable outputs from a 12V nominal input. In addition, an option to adjust the over current limit is now available on all input voltage and output current models. This feature helps reduce stress on the converter when exposed to excessive overload conditions and it facilitates over-current limit fine-tuning based on actual system needs. Product can be used to derive additional high-power outputs from a 9 to 18Vdc power supply, at a lower cost and higher efficiency than isolated dc-dc converters. These very compact products are suitable for use in mobile robotics, drones, medical, industrial, test, measurement, communications, computing, and portable battery-powered equipment.

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