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2x 2mm Coaxial connector supports 5G applications

October 24, 2021  Stephen Law

HIROSE ELECTRIC  C.FL Series compact coaxial connector serves the emerging 5G device market. 5G applications, supporting up to 30Ghz in an ultra-small footprint.  Measuring 2mm x 2mm with a 0.92mm mated height, device meets the demands for miniaturization and high-performance. Delivering high signal integrity and low insertion loss, the C.FL Series features low reflection characteristics up to 30GHz. Product series has low voltage standing wave ratios (VSWR) of: 1.4 VSWR maximum: dc to 15GHz; 1.5 VSWR maximum: 15 to 20GHz; 1.6 VSWR maximum: 20 to 30GHz.

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