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Semi supply chain collides with automotive market

Stephen Law   

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Mat Ransom, director, supply chain programs, Avnet EMEA, heads-up Avnet Silica’s supply chain solution, MySupply

As most are aware, supply chain issues and semiconductor shortages have been all over the news in the past two years, with many automotive manufacturers announcing line stoppages and losses in revenue as a result. But, just how serious did things get? What has been the impact of the shortages so far?

To help us delve into this subject further, Avnet Silica recently analysed the public financial records for the major semiconductor and automotive manufacturers to reveal how low semiconductor stock levels dropped during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the effect this has had on the automotive production lines and revenue. In this podcast episode, Mat Ransom director, supply chain programs with Avnet EMEA shares some of these key findings with our listeners.


Guest: Mat Ransom is director, supply chain programs, Avnet EMEA, and heads up Avnet Silica’s dedicated supply chain solution, MySupply. He has held a variety of roles during his 15-year career with Avnet, including global sales, service, supply chain, purchasing and operations, as well as directly managing key strategic customer and supplier supply chain engagements.

Mat leads a specialized supply chain operations team of supply chain architects and program managers across EMEA, responsible for architecting and delivering robust programs to solve some of the most complex challenges facing Avnet Silica’s customers.