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June 29, 2020 by Stephen Law

2W ultra-wide input ac-dc power modules are miniature

MICROPOWER DIRECT MPM-02SV family of miniature, 2W ac-dc power supplies are specifically designed to provide the small size, robust performance, long term reliability and safety approvals required for a variety of industrial applications where space is limited. Six standard models…
May 8, 2020 by Stephen Law

Versatile 250/450W power supply is compact, efficient

XP POWER ECH450 series of compact, high efficiency power supplies are available in open frame or a range of enclosed formats. Delivering 250W when convection cooled and the full 450W when force cooled, or when using the enclosed versions with…
April 16, 2020 by Stephen Law

1000 watt isolated ac-dc power supplies are general purpose

X TRONICS Cosel Co. 300 – 1000 watt PCA series of isolated ac-dc general purpose power supplies are smaller than the Cosel PBA series. Devices have digital communication via UART or PMBus. By using this function, CV/CC operation is easily…
January 16, 2020 by Stephen Law

277Vac rated power supplies deliver 40W-70W in miniature 2×4″ open frame

GLOBTEK GTM96700-BWWVV-F 40-70W open frame power supplies deliver an industrial grade version with up to 277Vac nominal rated input (305Vac max). With this configuration, a 277Vac supply is derived, (480Vac ÷√3=277Vac) measuring from one of the phases to the neutral…
November 28, 2019 by Stephen Law

Power supplies suit high volume, controlled environment applications

XTRONICS Emerson SolaHD SVL Series power supplies are suitable for high volume, controlled environment applications where essential features are the only requirement. When space inside an enclosure is at a premium, unit’s small footprint makes these devices an alternative to…
October 22, 2019 by Stephen Law

650W ac-dc power supplies deliver class-leading density

MURATA POWER SOLUTIONS PQU650 series of open-frame, 650W-rated ac-dc power supplies provide high power-density, with forced air- and convection-cooled ambient ratings. Units deliver a multitude of standard features including wide output voltage adjustment range, auxiliary power rails and a high transient…
September 14, 2019 by Stephen Law

Resistance spot welding power supplies combine touch panel, monitoring

AMADA MIYACHI AMERICA MacGregor DC2013-T Series of high performance resistance spot welding power supplies combine touch panel integrated database process control and monitoring with ultra-high duty and low ripple 3000A dc output. Unit is suitable for crimping weld connectors, making…
August 16, 2019 by Stephen Law

Power supplies upgrade safety, efficiency, performance

FSP Hydro G Pro Series power supplies are fully modular with ribbon cables for easy installation and a neat build. The combined Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fan and Japanese E-capacitors ensure high reliability and low noise. Units provide a greatly…
August 2, 2019 by Stephen Law

Medical PSUs deliver design flexibility

VERSITILE POWER Medical Series of power supplies (PSUs) provide system designers flexible system power solutions from 600 to 1000 watts. Products can be used in multiple applications where standardizing on a single reference power platform is key for simplifying installation footprints…
July 18, 2019 by Stephen Law

Spot welding power supplies deliver linear dc resistance

AMADA MIYACHI AMERICA MacGregor DC1013-T and DC613-T Series of linear dc resistance spot welding power supplies are typically used in aerospace, medical and electronic assembly applications. Units are suitable for butt welding fuses, welding components to leadframes, gold ribbon bonding…
June 23, 2019 by Stephen Law

Ac-dc medical grade power supply comes in compact size

TUMBLER TECHNOLOGIES + TRUMPOWER TSM500 series of low-profile, open-frame power supplies addresses the need for 500W solutions that support the medical sector. Products come as an open frame pcb in a low profile 5” (L) by 3” (W) by 1.38”…
April 30, 2019 by Stephen Law

100W Medical / ITE Certified power supplies deliver 50W at 80°C ambient

TDK-LAMBDA AMERICAS TDK-Lambda CUS100ME series of ac-dc 100W rated power supplies provide the capability of delivering 50W in ambient temperatures of 80°C when conduction cooled without the need for forced air cooling. Certified to medical and ITE standards for Class…