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Rebound bounces onto Canada’s supply chain landscape

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UK-based distributor officially puts country on radar with Barrie, ON office

Rebound Electronics, a UK-based distributor of electronic components with offices in 20 countries, officially created a beachhead in Canada in November 2021 by opening a sales office in Barrie Ontario – aimed at specifically serving Canada and US regions.
Specializing in helping OEMs and CEMs source hard-to-find electronic components from its trusted network of suppliers, Rebound’s team of component experts seek to ensure sourcing only authentic parts from reliable sources.

Front: Chris Hughes and Christian Spooner. Back: Justin McKinnon Voutier, Brandon Jacoby, Shaneka Ekanayake and Billy Petsis. Source: EP&T

EP&T recently visited the Barrie sales office and sat down with its newly assembled Canadian team.

  1. What sets Rebound Electronics apart from the established competitors within the electronics distribution channels in Canada?

Rebounds global presence… 8 regional procurement hubs offering true global market pricing and strong emphasis on quality and service through enhanced inspection capabilities and dedicated account management. This ensures our Canadian customers have local access to the most competitive market pricing available anywhere across the globe without compromising on quality.

Whilst our reverse logistics capabilities provide customers with a tailored solution for managing their excess stock, our franchised division, Nuvonix gives customers access to design led solutions through engineering support to help provide a competitive alternative to western brands.

  1. How big is Rebound’s facility in Barrie Ontario and how many staff do you employ?

We quickly outgrew our initial office space here in Barrie, Ontario. We now occupy the largest office space in this facility and are in discussions regarding ‘breaking into’ the space next door to accommodate further growth.

Our team currently stands at 7. We have a combined 30+ year experience in the electronic component distribution industry and are here to SERVICE our growing customer base throughout Canada.

  1. Can you explain the process of how Rebound Electronics Canada sources electronic components and builds its inventory?

With 40 offices spread throughout 23 countries including purchasing hubs in UK, China Singapore, the Philippines and Dubai. Rebound’s global footprint ensures we have 24/7 sourcing and purchasing capabilities. Procurement & Sales teams communicate efficiently via our bespoke system called Global Trader.

  1. What strategies does Rebound Electronics Canada employ to ensure a reliable and consistent supply chain for electronic components?

The quality of the product we supply is of paramount importance.  Rebounds supply chain is constantly monitored, and grading shared with our client base with every part offered for the purpose of transparency.  Product will go through meticulous inspection utilizing our industry leading inspection capabilities prior to shipment.

  1. How does Rebound Electronics Canada handle quality control and assurance for the electronic components it distributes?

Rebound are certified to Military/Aerospace and Medical standards.  Our supply base is constantly monitored by our global sourcing and quality teams to ensure compliance to our stringent quality standards.  All products are subject to the same meticulous inspection procedures underpinned with industry standard certification.

We have invested heavily in our enhanced inspection capabilities and can offer our customers testing in line with third party test houses across the globe.  Rebound also partner with a number of these should our customers wish to utilise third party testing services.

  1. Can you describe the typical lead times for orders and the fulfillment process at Rebound Electronics Canada?

Rebound’s 20,000 sq ft warehousing facility aims to have product inspected and shipped onto our customers within 24 hours upon receipt, sooner in most cases.  Our customers can expect product to arrive at their dock a further 1-2 days once shipped from our warehouse.

  1. What value-added services does Rebound Electronics Canada offer to its customers, such as component kitting, programming, or custom labeling?

Rebound offer our customers much more than access to a global database of over 2,000 qualified suppliers to help with component sourcing.

Our BOM Analytics software enables us to offer real time market intelligence and PPV services along with product lifecycle analysis and reverse engineering through our Nuvonix line card, which help to reduce the impact of obsolescence for our clients.

We also have a reverse logistics program which involves the purchase of excess/surplus stock and strategic buys benefitting both parties.

  1. How does Rebound Electronics Canada manage its relationships with suppliers to ensure competitive pricing and availability of components?

Group procurement is centralised via our regional purchasing offices. These teams manage strategic relationships which often involve physical visits/audits as well as virtual audits. We have strong relationships with our supply partners to ensure best service is maintained.

  1. What systems or tools does Rebound Electronics Canada use to track and manage its inventory and customer orders?

All departments (Finance, Logistics, Operations, Purchasing, Sales, Quality etc etc) use our own bespoke system, Global Trader.  We’ve had countless positive feedback from customers & governing body audits (something we welcome openly). It’s an efficient tool, demonstrating traceability of internal processes/progress from start to finish. (Requirement, Sourcing, Quote, Sales, Purchasing, Inspection, Dispatch etc etc.)

  1. Could you provide examples of how Rebound Electronics Canada assists customers in finding suitable alternative components in case of shortages or obsolescence?

Rebound’s Franchised division, Nuvonix offer engineering services to help our customers with design led solutions to cover a vast product range from their B.O.M’s.  From discretes, capacitors and semiconductors to relays, electromechanical and interconnects, Rebound offer a wide range of solutions to help provide a second source.

  1. How does Rebound Electronics Canada stay up-to-date with industry trends and advancements in electronic components to provide the latest technologies to its customers?

Our comprehensive supply base contributes to and benefits from Rebounds shared knowledge philosophy, providing instant access to changes in market conditions, be they regional supply constraints, expanding markets, product launches or end of life notifications.

  1. Can you explain Rebound Electronics Canada’s approach to customer support and how the company handles inquiries, technical assistance, and returns or exchanges?

Our speed of service is something Rebound take great pride in.  Customers need inquiries delt with promptly and with a dedicated account manager we can ensure customers have one point of contact to deal with their inquiries in a timely manner.

  1. At present, does Rebound Electronics have any long-term plans for expansion within the Canadian marketplace?

Absolutely, Rebound is still growing in Canada.  We certainly have longer term plans to expand our presence within Canada.  It’s such a vast country, longer term we would like to have a more local presence out west and further expansion around Ottawa/Montreal to be closer to our growing customer base in those regions.  Watch this space!




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