Electronic Products & Technology

Waterloo Innovation Summit

March 10, 2020
Hotel Fairmont Château Laurier, 1 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON K1N 8S7

Witness for yourself the medical devices, pharma care solutions, digital technologies and data systems that will shift your perspective on health and make the delivery of care faster, cost effective and more accurate.

Leaders of organizations indicate shortages in sought-after expertise in artificial intelligence, data management, cybersecurity, quantum technologies and critical thinking. The University of Waterloo is in a unique position to help businesses succeed and meet the need for relevant talent. Going beyond traditional higher education approaches with expertise in co-op, entrepreneurship and impact-based research, Waterloo provides a future-proven model that delivers graduates with expertise based on experience — solutions and enterprises that address the future of talent.

The Waterloo Innovation Summit Speaker Series invites select executive leaders seeking insights and best practices to tap into the future of talent and propel Canada’s economic and societal prosperity.

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