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February 21, 2023

Securing IoT Devices with Cloud Native Tooling, PARSEC and AWS Greengrass

Tech Talk Details

Speaker: Darragh Grealish, CTO of 56K Cloud

Time: 8am PT

There is an increasing requirement for implementing secure IoT and edge software on a broad range of devices along with the adoption of cloud technologies. This results in developers needing more friendly, accessible, and open-source tooling that can map the same experiences as developing in cloud-native environments. This challenge becomes already obvious, where a large number of engineers already develop on devices with higher-level languages. This talk will cover how PARSEC is addressing the requirements to make security features on devices more accessible to the application stack. It will highlight a use case with AWS Greengrass and PARSEC, which is part of Arm’s Project Cassini. We will showcase how you can use this to enable faster development, allowing for a broader ecosystem of supported secure silicon vendors to build support into PARSEC as providers.

The talk will also demonstrate how developers can build on top of a common set of libraries across various high level programming languages, as well as developing natively in their respective framework. For example, Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA) applications can be built on top while PARSEC, with its Java library, can provide support without developers having to implement device specific code that binds the application to that device platform – overall offering a more agnostic and broader ecosystem to develop on.

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