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FWD50 2018

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November 07 - November 09, 2018
452 Queen Elizabeth Dr, Ottawa, ON

‟FWD50 is an opportunity to work on my job—asking why I do what I do, and whether that is changing—rather than in it.”

Technology shapes every facet of Canadian life. But will it hurt or help us?

Too often, technological advancement is either demonized as a job-stealing, privacy-violating terror; or beatified as a panacea come to rescue us from our worst selves. But there’s a middle ground—a way forward that shapes technology to benefit us, building the kind of society we want atop it.

In the immediate future, tech can streamline the way countries govern today, improving antiquated processes and updating how citizens and the government interact at every level. In the long term, it lets us reimagine what’s possible for nations, anticipating pitfalls while putting the best innovations to work.

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