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FutureWorld 2018

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June 09, 2018

Machine learning, robotics, and AI are transforming the world. FutureWorld 2018 will feature presentations and demos on the future of robotics and AI from creators, researchers, industrialists, and visionaries, offering an inside view of what’s possible, what’s on the horizon, and how you can help design our future.

Collaboration between designers and engineers will shape the robot revolution. FutureWorld will help forge those connections, bringing roboticists out of their workshops to give attendees a glimpse of our future. Designers, engineers, inventors, technologists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and fans of the future should attend to get an inside view on what’s currently possible, what’s on the horizon, and how to help shape our future.

Join us for this inspiring day that will include 7 presentations, a panel conversation, and hands on demos.

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