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Frameless Motor Technology: Webinar

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February 23, 2016

Theory, Application & Operation of Frameless Motor Technology.  Live Webinar – 

February 23, 2016  11:00 AM ET

This webinar will focus on the integration of frameless motors into practical machine design challenges. We will touch on the background and use of embedded motor components, typical application overview, performance improvement expectations, typical design and installation best practices, drive amplifier and feedback considerations, and machine system thermal concerns.

We will also review some basic tools available to help design engineers optimize frameless motor performance in customer machine applications.

Meet the Speaker:

Tom Wood is the Frameless Motor Product Specialist at Kollmorgen. Tom has worked with Kollmorgen for over 30 years in various roles integrating motion control solutions as Machine Designer, Servo System Customer, Manufacturers Representative, and High-Tech Distributor.

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