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AIoT Canada Spring Summit

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April 10, 2024

We are delighted to invite you to the AIoT Canada Winter/Summit 2024, a pivotal event advocating the adoption of AIoT technologies. Our focus is on national strategic global leadership in AI and IoT.Join industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders as we converge and explore the power of AI and IoT, its adoption and Canada’s leadership in this transformative landscape.

Featured Topics:

·      Automotive, Transportation, and AIoT

·      Advanced Manufacturing and AIoT

·      Climate Change and AIoT

·      Digital Transformation and AI in the Canadian Government


  • Progress AIoT toward national strategic global leadership.
  • Uncover the potential of AIoT for economic growth.
  • Explore the contribution of IoT + AI to the Canadian economy.
  • Identify business opportunities in various sectors.
  • Understand investment / funding options for IoT + AI from the government and the investment community.
  • Network with key stakeholders and influencers.

About AIoT Canada
AIoT Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to being the voice of the industry for AI and IoT technology providers. Our mission is to promote the growth and development of AI and IoT technologies in Canada.

Summit Objectives
The AIoT Canada Summit aims to bring together industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to discuss the need to maintain Canada’s leading position in the AI and IoT domains. The summit will provide a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration.

Insightful Discussions:

The summit provides a platform for engaging and insightful discussions on AI and IoT technologies, industry trends, and best practices.

Networking Opportunities:

Participants can connect with industry leaders, experts, and potential partners, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Thought Leadership: 

The summit offers an opportunity to expand thought leadership in the AI and IoT domains, allowing participants to showcase their expertise and contribute to the industry’s growth.

Learning and Influence: 

Attendees can increase their learning opportunities and influence by engaging with fellow members and industry experts.

Exploring the Future:
AI and IoT Impact Talks

Embark on a journey into the future of technology with thought-provoking talks from experts in the field. Discover the latest trends, innovations, and the profound impact of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things on our world.

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