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element14 teams with Hammond on ‘extreme’ design contest

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Participants challenged to safeguard electronics in rugged environments

The element14 Community, along with with enclosure maker Hammond Manufacturing, have set out to encourage the electronics designer community to experiment with extreme environments.

The two have launched the ‘Experimenting with Extreme Environments’ design challenge, whereby participants will have the opportunity to build projects that are able to withstand extreme environmental conditions, such as drastic temperature changes, dust, humidity and more. Contestants will participate by using a kit that is provided to build an electronics system, house the system in an enclosure and perform experiments to test the enclosure against extreme conditions.

“IoT solutions are increasingly being implemented around the world, which means that electronic devices are frequently being installed in, and exposed to harsh and extreme environments,” said Andreea Teodorescu, global director of product marketing & element14 Community. “We want this challenge to showcase that environmental impact firsthand and educate our members on the importance of safeguarding measures, specifically the use of electronic enclosures.”


Participants will receive a kit with the following components to design their electronic system:

  • Pi4 Compute Module
  • Pi4 Compute Module I/O Board
  • IP68 Enclosure, clear top
  • RF Antenna, WiFi, BLE, Thread, Wireless Hart, Zigbee
  • Circular Connector, Cable Mount Receptacle, 4 Contacts
  • Circular Connector, Cable Mount Plug, 4 Contacts
  • Circular Connector, Panel Mount Receptacle, 4 Contacts

Participants will be able to test their systems by simulating extreme environmental factors using water sprays, vibrations, dust, impact and other forces that mimic what electronics are exposed to outdoors.

To learn more about the Experimenting with Extreme Environments Challenge and to enter the competition, visit https://community.element14.com/challenges-projects/design-challenges/experimenting-with-extreme-environments/


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