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Problems modern tech hasn’t fixed yet

By Philipp Pratt, Innovation Expert, Repocket   

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Despite all the cool tech around us, there are still simple problems waiting for solutions.

Ever wondered why, in our tech-savvy world, some everyday annoyances persist? Despite all the cool tech around us, there are still simple problems waiting for solutions. Even with smart homes and AI, some things just haven’t been sorted out. Philipp Pratt at Repocket proviodes a lowdown on the top five everyday issues that modern technology hasn’t quite fixed yet.

1. Battery Woes

Despite breakthroughs in battery technology, the eternal struggle for longer battery life continues. While our devices become more powerful, battery advancements seem to lag. According to a study by the International Energy Agency, the global average energy density improvement of batteries is a mere 5.7% annually. This leaves us still anxiously searching for outlets and carrying around power banks.

2. Wi-Fi Woes:

The dream of seamless, high-speed Wi-Fi remains elusive. While Wi-Fi technology has advanced, a study by Speedtest Intelligence reveals that the global average for fixed broadband download speed is 96.43 Mbps, falling short of the desired gigabit speeds. Buffering and connectivity issues continue to plague our online experiences.

3. Persistent Cyber Security Threats

Despite layered security protocols, hackers persistently discover new ways to infiltrate networks and gain access to sensitive data. The cybersecurity landscape remains a constant battlefield as threats become more complex.


4. High-Tech Pollution Control

Although we’re surrounded by high-tech solutions, managing environmental pollution doesn’t seem to be one of their strengths. Our digital lifestyle is creating unprecedented electronic waste levels, and there isn’t a fully effective solution in sight.

5. Limited Storage Woes

No matter how many gigabytes our devices boast, we always seem to run out of storage. A report by Statista highlights that the average size of apps has increased by 500% in the last decade, contributing to the persistent issue of limited storage. Users are forced to play a digital juggling act, deciding which photos, videos, or apps to sacrifice for a bit of extra space.

Thinking about these challenges might seem like a big task, but it’s a chance for fresh and clever solutions. It’s clear that even though technology has come far, there’s still a way to go in fixing some basic problems. In our journey for progress, let’s not forget that solving little problems can make a huge difference in how we experience life.

“Overcoming these challenges is not about fragmenting solutions but finding integrated approaches that tie in with broader ecological, economic, and social contexts,” says Pratt.


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