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Automotive Cybersecurity solution provides engineering students with advanced training

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) is teaming with the SHIELD Automotive Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence at the University of Windsor to provide automotive engineering students with advanced cybersecurity training with the Keysight SA8710A Automotive Cybersecurity Penetration Test Platform. The SHIELD program is dedicated to advancing and developing automotive cybersecurity solutions by training engineering and computer science students to ensure tomorrow’s vehicles are safe and secure.

With drivers expecting their automobiles to be fully integrated into their digital lifestyles, the nature of vehicles is becoming more software-centric. Known as software-defined vehicles (SDV), these autos deliver new connectivity, personalization, and automation features through highly complex software operating systems. While SDVs promise increased safety and convenience, their hyper-connected systems make them vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

Source: Keysight Technologies

To help build student skills in vehicle-based cybersecurity, Keysight worked with SHEILD to define an affordable automotive cybersecurity platform for research and education. As an automated testing platform supporting industry standards, the SA8710A Automotive Cybersecurity Penetration Test Platform prepares students to meet future cybersecurity challenges with state-of-the-art testing tools.

Keysight’s automotive cybersecurity test platform provides students with:

  • Automated testing – Supports a variety of security audits to maximize efficiency, covering attack surfaces such as Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular, CAN (controller area network) and automotive Ethernet.
  • Quick spin-up – Comes pre-programmed for immediate use.
  • Open-source environment – Keysight’s PathWave Test Automation is open-source, enabling students to add new capabilities.
  • Cybersecurity assessments – Running on Linux, the Keysight IoT Security Assessments platform enables students to learn with predefined audits and add open-source and custom security audits.

SHIELD provides students with:

  • Education and training – Custom training of high-quality personnel (HQP) with experiential learning opportunities as well as opportunities for workforce retraining to create an industry-ready talent pipeline in Canada.
  • Knowledge transfer – A reference library of information and engagements that raises awareness for the need for mobility cybersecurity.
  • Research and innovation – Institutional and industrial collaboration to create ready-made solutions that meet rapidly changing technology and threats.

“SHIELD is Canada’s first organization dedicated to countering threats to the connected transportation marketplace. We are excited to embark on this partnership with Keysight that provides students with real-life experience. This allows us to compete at the global level and to provide support and services for Ontario,” says Dr. Mitra Mirhassani, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Windsor and co-director of SHIELD Automotive Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence.


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