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Marie-Hélène Lamarre added to Quebec-based electronic industry group

The Board of Directors of the Industrie des Systèmes Electriques du Québec (ISEQ), has recently announced the appointment of Marie-Hélène Lamarre to the position of director general manager of the Quebec-based industry association.

Lamarre was chosen after a rigorous selection process by the ISEQ board, according to chair Geneviève Ouellet.

Marie-Hélène Lamarre has been appointed to the position of Director General of the Quebec Electronic Systems Industry (ISEQ). (CNW Group/Quebec Electronic Systems Industry). Source: ISEQ

“Her exceptional experience on an international scale, her mastery of highly regulated environments and her ability to enhance the human potential of the organization make her the ideal candidate,” says Ouellet, a seasoned industry expert since 1980. “Her arrival is promising for ISEQ and the electronics and semiconductor industry. A decisive step for the industry, her vision for the future will propel this sector by giving it a strong and unified voice,” Ouellet declared.

Courageous and innovative leader

A bold and visionary leader, Lamarre brings almost 20-years of experience, including in the highly regulated energy, healthcare and technology sectors. In addition to leading projects in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe , she has acted as a strategic growth mentor for numerous international organizations in Africa and Eastern Europe . She has also worked closely with many communities.


Lamarre’s international experience helped shape her as a leading communicator, with knowledge in how to dialogue constructively with stakeholders from all over the world. Thanks to her skills in international relations, process optimization and value creation, Lamarre has worked with several companies, organizations and government agencies. She has worked with start-ups as well as multinationals, some of which had up to 120,000 employees.

Lamarre has also recently completed a program in artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Implications for Business Strategy) at MIT . She also holds an MBA specializing in bio-industry and a master’s degree in science from the University of Quebec in Montreal.

The future of ISEQ

Moving forward, Lamarre foresees major projects for ISEQ, and seeks to create a greater sense of belonging among professionals and businesses in the Quebec semiconductor and electronics industry. She also hopes to extend the reach of ISEQ member organizations beyond the borders of Quebec on the North American front. Lamarre intends to use ISEQ’s resources to defend the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and advocate for supply chain resilience would unlock the sector’s untapped potential .

The following are three of ISEQ’s main initiatives currently underway:

  • Better equip member organizations so they can stand out strategically and win tenders.
  • Foster networking opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs to improve their supply chain and create value for the sector.
  • Establish collaborative networks based on a strong and constructive relationship between government, private companies and non-profit organizations to promote the socio-economic transformation of the sector.

“What matters is to raise awareness of this industry, which must be seen as a driving force in Quebec by businesses in other provinces. The electronics and semiconductor industries are major sources of technological innovation for the global clean energy transition. In this sense, ISEQ can promote the sector’s efforts and unleash its untapped potential at the global level,” Lamarre said.


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