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Connector brings IP69K protection to splash zones


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HARTING’s Han F&B connector series brings modular, user-configurable connectivity with IP69K protection to the splash zone (Zone 2) in food and beverage production.

These versatile, FDA 21-approved circular connectors are made of non-toxic, high performance PP plastic and offer excellent chemical, heat and cold resistance, and are resistant to Ecolab certified cleaning agents.

Their hygienic design features large radii and smooth surfaces; so-called dirt pockets and the potential bacteria load on the connector don’t have cracks or crevices in which to build. This also makes the Han® F&B exceedingly easy to clean and keep clean.

The Han F+B is said to bring all the advantages that plug & play, connector-based wiring offers over traditional hard-wiring of connections, like more efficient machine design, faster assembly with minimal risk of wiring errors, reduced maintenance downtime and expense – in short, a substantially lower total cost of ownership over the lifetime of that system.

Users can configure their Han F+B by selecting from 25 proven Han® 3A contact inserts for transmitting power (up to 40 A), signal (up to 21 contacts) and data (up to 10 Gbit/s). Additionally, there is an Han® F+B insert (up to 16A) especially designed for this series.


With the introduction of Han F+B, HARTING becomes the only connector manufacturer offering an RJ45 solution for splash zone connectivity. RJ45 connectivity makes possible Gigabit Ethernet for transmitting the huge volume of control and diagnostic data featured in today’s most advanced processing and packaging equipment.

HARTING’s Han F+B is suitable for any system where daily washdowns or steam cleanings are performed, principally in zone 2 but also in some applications in zone 1, the food processing zone.


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