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Logic analyzer family offers performance boost


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Tektronix, Inc. introduced the TLA6400 Series of portable logic analyzers that combine high performance and affordability making it ideal for a wide range of embedded system debug and validation applications.

The TLA6400 Series is available in 34, 68, 102, and 136 channel configurations and comes with 25 GS/s high-speed timing resolution, up to 667 MHz state timing, up to 64 Mb record length, and Tektronix’ exclusive iCapture functionality – all at a price point representing a significant price-performance breakthrough.

Higher signal speeds as well as shorter setup and hold times in digital systems have increased the timing resolution needed to characterize and debug timing issues. With 25 GS/s MagniVu (40 ps) high-resolution timing, the TLA6400 offers 6 times the timing resolution of other logic analyzers giving even the most cost conscious engineers the additional performance needed to accurately determine timing relationships between signals of interest. The TLA6400 also can capture buses with clock rates up to 667 MHz and data rates up to 1333 Mb/s.

The TLA6400 Series further enhances engineering productivity with advanced features like:

  • iCaptureTM multiplexing that eliminates double probing with simultaneous digital and analog acquisition through a single logic analyzer probe.
  • Glitch trigger and storage that allows users to trigger on and display observed signal integrity faults.
  • iViewTM which provides seamless integration between the TLA6400 and over 100 Tektronix oscilloscopes to provide a time-correlated view of both logic analyzer and oscilloscope data on the same display.

The TLA6400 also delivers quick and intuitive operation that saves time in busy lab environments. Usability features include a familiar Microsoft Windows 7 interface, drag and drop triggering and drag and drop measurements. These usability innovations have been proven to save time, remove complexity, and reduce measurement uncertainty.

The TLA6400 is well suited for a broad range of debug and analysis applications including signal integrity analysis, FPGA debug and verification, memory system validation, and embedded software integration and debug. The signal analysis solution is completed with the addition of new P5900 Series logic analyzer probes that offer lower capacitive loading (1 pF) to accurately acquire signals with faster edges without distorting the signal.



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