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LPKF launches ProtoMat line


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LPKF Laser & Electronics announces the release of four new circuit board plotters.


is a revision of the best known product group: the ProtoMat S-Series
circuit board plotters, which were reengineered to work faster and more
efficient. Also being introduced is the new ProtoMat E33 entry-level
unit. At first glance you’ll notice all S-Series ProtoMat’s come inside a
new modern looking acoustic cabinet and include available upgrade
options. With the new ProtoMat line LPKF continues its innovation
efforts in circuit board prototyping. 

new systems come with a completely redesigned CircuitPro software by
LPKF; aimed at a wider range of users. While inexperienced users are
guided step-by-step through the production processes by finely tuned
wizards; proficient users can continue using menu functions. 


Schulz, Vice President of the Rapid PCB Prototyping Division notes, “We
have attained a superior level in affordable and easy-to-use PCB
Prototyping equipment and offer the widest range in the market.
Advancement in technology allows each system to be upgraded and we will
still continue working on new and existing prototyping equipment to meet
ever changing needs.”


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