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Quebec technology executives will focus on sales from now until 2012


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A survey conducted this summer by the Quebec Technology Association (AQT) found that ICT executives are in "sales mode".

According to the numbers, 37% of the 221 CEOs surveyed identified the development of new geographic markets as their company’s top priority over the next 24 months, while 41% of respondents consider the performance of their sales teams as their number one area for action. Moreover, product and service innovation stands out as the most frequently cited item among the CEOs’ top three priority areas (77%). Personnel in other management positions in the ICT (information & communications technology) industry also took part in the survey.

73% of respondents identified Quebec as their primary market. The rest of Canada ranked second (50%). The American market is considered the most important by 12% of companies, as compared to the Canadian market (6%).

In total, 352 active managers representing 313 companies expressed their opinions in this survey designed to identify the top three issues facing executives over the next 24 months, as well as the top three actions being considered in response to these issues.The AQT used this data to target its 2010-2011 event program more accurately.

"The survey results had a significant influence on this year’s themes (www.aqt.ca/en/calendar10.htm). Events such as CEO Vision, Big Bang, and our Best Practices workshops include several testimonials from company executives, as well as case study presentations made by management and marketing specialists", stated Nicole Martel, Chief Executive Officer of the Quebec Technology Association.


62% of respondents are the CEOs of their companies. As 45% of companies have 15 employees or less, it is not unusual for there to be fewer respondents in other positions. Other respondents are responsible for sales, marketing, human resources, operations/finance, and 45% of companies have 15 employees or less and a majority of companies (64%) have less than 30 employees, which is an accurate reflection of the makeup of the Quebec Information and Communications Technologies industry.

46% of companies are active in the sale of management software solutions, 17% in IT services, and 14% in Internet/multimedia services. Several companies combine IT services and software development. 


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