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Valdor Technology International Inc. is a high technology fibre optic components company specializing in the design and manufacture of new generation fibre optic connectors, enclosures, laser pigtails and other optical and optoelectronic components using its proprietary and patented Impact Mount and HeptoPort technologies.

Recently I had the opportunity of speaking with Dr. Michel Rondeau, CEO of Valdor. His firm is a Silicon Valley-based company, run by a Canadian and publicly listed in Canada. Rondeau is a Canadian from Valdor, QC (hence the company name).

I asked him some questions regarding new developments in the fibre optic market.

Where are all-mechanical miniature connectors for high density application used and for what purpose?
“Mining, military, aerospace, broadcast and outside plant applications require small service and cable extender enclosures to meet their high-density application. The SP miniature connector is the smallest field-installable connector that can be used for harsh environment applications.

Diagram of the HeptoPort architecture, including seven-fiber IMT multi-port I/O, expanded beam optics, and processing element. Different processing elements can be incorporated into this architecture, resulting in different functions, without retooling.


“The service enclosure (box) is able to accommodate multiple packs (cassettes) or six full SP miniature connections per pack. Similarly, the cable extender enclosure (flexible housing) can accommodate several connections depending on the number of fibres inside the cable. This technology gives technicians more options by going directly to their equipment destination and bypassing the standard building cabinet with large panels. As an example, the cable extender (flexible housing) can go directly into a wall, ceiling, floor or tunnel.”

What about harsh environment applications?
“The ability of any fiber optic connection to maintain stable readings with very little variation during environmental changes is critical. These environmental changes can include temperature, vibration, shock and humidity. It is not enough just to have a low dB loss when first installed.

“As an example, the sensor readings to detect aircraft engine operational changes depend on stable connections throughout the system. The SP miniature connection ensures stable readings, has a quick and easy installation learning curve and the all-mechanical installation allows it to be used in a harsh environment where electricity and a clean installation area may not be available. The SP miniature connector is ideal for technicians in the field, especially when used in combination with Valdor’s new Omega field-installable kits and Enclosures for cable repair and extension.”

Valdor developed a high density cable connection (HeptoPort). Tell me about it?
“This is a complete solution for high-density applications that includes a HeptoPort cable spool (with multi-fibres) and a fan-out that connects on one end to the cable spool and on the other end (fan-out or HeptoPort) to the equipment back panel. The HeptoPort connector ferrule can install a 7-fibre bundle that aligns all seven fibers in one.
“The HeptoPort (right) is the only circular connector on the market with multi-fibre connections and all-metal construction. The HeptoPort bundle connector eliminates the need to fan-out several individual connectors in the field, thus reducing space requirements and connector costs. It is an ideal multi-fibre connector for small space applications such as in aircraft, military vehicles, industrial equipment and building conduits.”

I learned that Valdor’s new Omega Field-Installable kits allow you to quickly repair and extend any cable in the field without electricity or expensive equipment. Their customers in harsh environments greatly appreciate having the SP Miniature Connector and Omega Enclosures on-site because it helps them avoid costly downtimes and manage unexpected events. The IMT is truly a user-friendly solution for all types of applications.

Valdor is an interesting company with an exciting technology.

Mark Borkowski is president of Mercantile Mergers & Acquisitions Corporation. He can be contacted at mark@mercantilema.com or www.mercantilemergersacquisitions.com (I have no interest directly or indirectly in Valdor stock or its business affairs). Visit Valdor Fibre Optics at www.valdor.com.


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