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Genesis Electronics explores development of solar re-chargeable batteries


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Genesis Electronics Group, Inc. announced that it has initiated steps for the development of solar rechargeable batteries in commonly used standard sizes such as AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, as well as other specialized sizes that have the potential for use by the military and scientific devices.

Edward Dillon, President and CEO, emphasized that "These batteries, unlike other re-chargeable batteries in the market, will not be dependent on a charging unit that you need to plug in, nor a separate solar-powered charger. The batteries themselves would be re-chargeable when exposed to the sun. Instead of throwing away "dead" batteries, from a flashlight or other device, you will be able to put these on the windowsill or on the porch and they will re-charge. This represents a completely unique product, there’s nothing else like it".

Raymond F. Purdon, Chairman, added: "The potential for stand-alone solar re-chargeable batteries is staggering. In addition to being a "green" solution, a convenience and a money-saver for the average consumer in developed countries, these batteries would be even more important to consumers in under-developed nations that don’t have a reliable power grids and where battery-power for lighting and other everyday applications plays a more critical role."

Genesis Electronics has already developed and is producing a solar-powered charger for the iPhone called the SunBlazer (www.mysunblazer.com) which it expects to bring to market shortly.



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