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Beckhoff Automation introduces PC-based solar tracking software

Beckhoff Automation released the TwinCAT Solar Position Algorithm library to "bring cost-effective and high-performance embedded PC-based control to solar power plants."

September 9, 2010  Staff

The flexible TwinCAT solution is ideal for parabolic mirror and photovoltaic systems. It is designed to automatically track the sun’s position for use of the sun’s rays. The control algorithm “calculates the zenith and azimuth angles of the sun with a precision of +/- 0.001 degree” and can also be used for building automation or with wind turbines for shadow flicker calculations.

For the solution to detect the sun angles, you must enter the specification of the date, time and exact longitude and latitude of the location. Depending on the specifics of the application’s needs, additional parameters can be taken into account such as the time zone, the height above mean sea level, the slope of the ground, the orientation of the object and the air temperature and pressure.

TwinCAT compliments the EtherCAT, the Industrial Ethernet-based technology from Beckhoff. To view more on this, visit their website below.



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