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Integrated fansinks push the limits of low profile cooling


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Cool Innovations Inc. has introduced a line of integrated "fansinks." Available in copper and aluminum, integrated fansinks are composed of a pin fin heat sink and a fan that is embedded into the heat sink's pin array.

The configuration allows for the creation of low profile active cooling solutions.

The cooling power generated by integrated fansinks is a product of the highly efficient nature of the pin fin heat sinks and the fans used. The heat sinks possess substantial surface area and are composed of highly conductive materials; the structure is suitable for fansink configurations and the use of round pins generates additional turbulence inside the pin array. The fans used are compact yet powerful in nature, generating 6.1 CFM.

The integrated fansink line was specifically designed for applications that are restricted in height, yet require substantial cooling power. Solutions are available from a minimum overall height of 0.42 in. to a maximum overall height of 0.63 in., and as a result are suitable to fit into single slot PCI Express (0.42 in. height) & ATCA applications (0.63 in. height) or for any other applications that are restricted in height. 

Integrated fansinks are available in copper and aluminum, and range in footprint from 1.81 x 1.81 in. to 4.10 x 2.05 in., and in height from 0.42 to 0.63 in.. Units are supplied with a bracket fan (6.1 CFM, 12V, 0.2 A).



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