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CONEC wins UL approval per UL2238, File E318363


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CONEC has received a UL listing based on the UL standard 2238 for special components (overmoulded connectors and sockets) in its M12x1 series.

The following articles are now listed per UL2238.

1. M12x1 – Overmoulded round connectors in styles:
• Female/male connector, axial and angled
• Female connector, angled, with 2 or 3 LEDs
• Female/male connector, axial with 360° shielding
• Connecting cables made up with the aforementioned

Cable lengths which deviate from standard lengths are also UL2238 certified.
Pole counts
• 3 to 8 poles
Meter goods
• K1 = TPU, UL, highly flexible, halogen-free
• G2 = TPU, UL, highly flexible, halogen-free,


2. M12x1 – sockets in styles:
• Female/male socket with PG9 or M16x1.5 threads
• front mounting, back mounting versions, each
available with wires or PC contacts
Pole counts
• 4, 5 and 8 poles

General information about UL2238 test procedures:
UL2238, with its more stringent test methods, has
replaced its predecessor, UL1977. UL2238 places greater demands on the materials used. A highlight here is the flammability classification per UL94, required of any plastic materials used, and the subsequently derived values for:

RTI = Relative Temperature Index (continuous use temperature)
HWI = Hot Wire Ignition (contact overheating is
HHI = High Current Arc Ignition (plastic is exposed
to high-current arcing)

Plastic materials typically do not achieve the values required by the standard under a wall thickness of about 1.6 to 3.0 mm. Wall thicknesses in the contact area of M12x1 connectors are considerably less. The consequence of this is that

UL certification is only possible with a reduction of the specification for rated voltage.

Rated voltage for a 4-pos connector to date: 250 V
Rated voltage for these articles per UL2238 is now:
30 V
When a product is selected via navigation or as a result of the direct entry of an article number, a screen will appear to rovide the essential characteristics of the article, including a graphic illustration. At this point the given UL logo will be displayed. 


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