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TI introduces the industry's smallest sine-to-sine wave clock buffer


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Texas Instruments Incorporated introduced the industry's smallest four-channel, low-power, low-jitter sine-to-sine wave clock buffer, the first device in a family of sine-wave clock buffers.

The CDC3S04 can replace up to three individual same-frequency temperature compensated crystal oscillators, reducing board space and bill of materials by nearly half. Designers can use the CDC3S04 in a wide range of mobile applications including cell phones, smartphones , mobile internet devices, ultra mobile PCs, navigation units and global positioning systems

Key features and benefits of the CDC3S04

· 1:4 low-jitter, sine-to-sine clock buffer replaces multiple TCXOs, saving board space and cost
· An integrated on-chip LDO saves board space by eliminating the need for an internal low-dropout (LDO) regulator.
· The on-chip LDO acts as a TCXO on/off switch for power savings during low-power standby
· This buffer distributes sine-wave signals to four different peripherals while adding negligible phase-noise, minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI).
· A built-in I2C interface gives customers real-time control for outputs, polarity and internal coding.
· Designers can accelerate time-to-market by taking advantage of TI’s OMAP4xx processors.




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