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Oriental Motor USA Corp. announces the release of the CRK Series of 5-Phase stepping motors and drivers with a built-in RS-485 compatible controller packages.

The RS-485 based controller allows for up to 16 axes to be controlled from one RS-485 Master controller. Five network communications rates of up to 115,000 BPS can be selected. Connection to the network is simple to achieve via conveniently located RJ-45 connectors. The controller can be operated in either direct command mode, stand alone mode or by selecting stored programs to run via I/O. Programming is done via simple ASCII commands that can be sent to the controller via any basic PC based terminal program or PLC device.

The standard series motors offer step resolutions up to 0.00288°/step with excellent step accuracy of 3 Arc Min (0.05°). With the High resolution models, even greater step resolutions of up to 0.00144°/step and step accuracy of 2 Arc Min (0.034°) are achieved.

The CRK Series drivers/controllers accept 24 VDC input with motor frame sizes of 0.79″ sq., 1.10″ sq., 1.65″ and sq., 2.36″ sq. All of the motor frame sizes are available with either a standard or rear shaft and a geared model is also available. Output torque from the different models ranges from 3.2 oz-in for the 0.79″ sq. standard shaft motor up to 35 lb-in for a 2.36″ sq. geared motor. Shaft speeds of up to 4000+ rpm can be achieved on some models. The compact driver measures 1.37″ W x 2.75″ D x 3.97″ H.




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