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EFD’s ProcessMate PM100 vacuum pickup system provides a fast, efficient way to safely lift and position small or delicate parts in benchtop assembly processes. Benefits include faster, more precise placement with less risk of damage to components. To lift the component, the operator places the soft cup attached to the vacuum pickup pen on the component, then presses the foot pedal to apply vacuum. When the component has been positioned, the operator releases the foot pedal to shut off the vacuum and gently place the component. The PM100 system was designed as a pick-and-place tool for use with EFD’s Performus fluid dispensers. When used together, they allow assemblers to lift and position parts with one hand and apply adhesives, solder pastes and other assembly fluids with the other. Because the vacuum system and the dispenser both use the same size cabinet, it is easy to stack the PM100 system above or below the Performus dispenser to save benchtop space.


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