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Encapsulated transformers from Transera provide mechanical and insulation advantages over non-encapsulated transformers, including enhanced mechanical strength, improved shock/vibration and humidity/moisture resistance and better insulation reliability, thanks to use of epoxy in place of tape/paper insulation.

They have reduced winding temperature differential and may be used in higher ambient temperature environments. Unit costs are reduced by highly-automated winding, soldering, laminating and encapsulation processes. Designed for a range of different applications (e.g. circuit boards, HVAC systems, appliances, metering, medical), Transera’s epoxy encapsulated transformers are available from 0.08VA -150VA . To fit different space and installation requirements, Transera’s standard transformers come in three different formats: low profile, print-line, and the extremely compact mini-line series. Customized designs and accessories such as cable terminations and value-added assemblies are available on request.


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