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TORONTO - Hydrogenics Corp., a designer and manufacturer of hydrogen and fuel cell systems, announced it has received a $4.25 million investment from the Government of Canada’s Hydrogen Early Adopters (h2EA) program that will help in establishing four projects in which Hydrogenics will lead a consortium. The total value of the projects is over $10 million.

The first of the four projects, the Hylyzer hydrogen refueler, was recently introduced at Toronto’s ?´Hydrogen Village,’ at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), as part of the CNE’s Green Day event.
 “We are pleased to be at the core of the larger Hydrogen Village initiative and to have this show of government support,” said Pierre Rivard, president and CEO of Hydrogenics. “These projects and the technology portfolio that they encompass are at the heart of what Hydrogenics does. It will allow us to showcase our technologies in our home town and demonstrate the potential for early market adoption in several key industries like fleet transportation, light mobility transportation and back-up power generation.”
 Hydrogenics’ Hylyzer refueler is Toronto’s first public hydrogen refueling station. The refueler uses electricity generated by a wind turbine, to produce clean hydrogen. The hydrogen will be used to refuel a range of fuel cell powered vehicles, powered by Hydrogenics’ fuel cell power module technology.   The vehicles on site include a forklift, a John Deere commercial work vehicle, and a GEM ?´neighborhood’ vehicle.
 Projects include: four fuel cell powered utility work vehicles; the Hylyzer refueling station; a hydrogen fuel cell power module used for a backup power generation solution at a cell tower site; and Hydrogenics’ Hypm power module technology.


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