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Tiny, low power GNSS IC boosts accuracy in IoT devices

Stephen Law   

Semiconductors GNSS IC

SYNAPTICS SYN4778 small, low power, accurate Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) IC for the Internet of Things (IoT) draws 80% less power and comes in a package that is 30% smaller than comparable devices while providing a 50% improvement in accuracy. Chip extends battery life, reduces product size and enhances the performance of advanced location-based services (LBSs) for IoT devices such as wearables, as well as mobile accessories, asset tagging and tracking systems, drones, and transportation navigation. The GNSS receiver typically consumes an out-sized portion of available power in battery-powered IoT devices. Device’s advanced 7-nm semiconductor process and on-chip power management greatly reduce this power draw. In addition, the chip uses both the L1 and L5 satellite bands to reduce the GNSS chip’s time to first fix (TTFF) by 35% and the power consumed for first fix by 72%.

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